The Year (so far) in Review

This has not been a banner year of story sales (pretty overwhelming in the rejection department) yet I’ve had a few successes.

1. Not All Who Wander Are Lost, a romp with flying cars and talking lizards, published in Perihelion in February.

2. Far, Far From Land, harvesting edibles from the asteroid belt leads to shipwreck and rescue efforts, published in Luna Station Quarterly in June (reprint.)

3. The Lay of The Land, a security guard and her dog in a haunted park, to be published by Bards and Sages in January.

Since NorWesCon I’ve had a pretty quiet summer.  I joined a local Southern California/Orange County writers group specifically to hear Joe Ide (Eeee-day) as I seriously grokked his novel IQ.  (He has a sequel out now.)   I bought the Stephen King/Owen King novel, SLEEPING BEAUTIES, but I’m having trouble getting into it.  Once I figure out why, I’ll post why it’s not sucking me in.  Joe Hill on the other hand has a collection of 4 novellas I haven’t purchased yet and that is next on my list. He’s proven a good storyteller.

Storytelling is why I’m doing this.  My friend Marta Murvosh sold a story, CRANES RETURN, to the anthology Tales of the Sunrise Lands, specifically written in a non-Western storytelling style.  Our standard Western format includes conflict points and a rise and fall of action. Other countries have (surprise!) different forms, and Guardbridge Books specifically requested

  • Kishotenketsu and other Japanese styles of story structure differing from traditional Western forms. This article has a good discussion of Kishotenketsu.

I wish I’d written something for it… but I didn’t.

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