Tracking Submissions

Submission tracking.

I use Sonar (Sonar) to track my manuscripts and submissions.  I use Ralan (Ralan) and The Submission Grinder (The Grinder) to find markets and guidelines.  I’ve recently begun using Scrivener, (Scrivener) a manuscript engine, for writing and keeping track of all the partial ideas.

My stories so far encompass science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and range from microflash to flash to short story length.  I like to have 10 stories out on submission at a time as I’ve noticed I sell 1 story per 10 submissions.


8 stories on submission.  Rejections from Daily Science Fiction, Fantasy&Science Fiction, and Galaxy’s Edge.


10 stories on submission.  2 are reprints. I think 1 of the reprints is at a defunct market but no word yet so I’ll leave it there for now.  Of the other 7, 4 are flash.  The 3 short stories: 1 is gentle horror, 3 are science fiction.


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