Brick published by Flash Point Fiction  on 1.1.2021



Mothman In Love appeared in Geek Out II, Sage Kalmus, editor.

Halo Of Flies appeared in Satan Is Your Friend 

Cedar appeared in The Colored Lens, Winter 2019

Luigi’s Song (reprint) was published by Made In L.A. 2 in April.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Glass, published by Daily Science Fiction, December 2018

Notes Regarding The Calamity Jukebox at The Super! Hero! Ragtime Café was published by Every Day Fiction on November 2, 2018.

Jasmine Spain was narrated, or rather sung, by Tina Connolly for her Toasted Cake podcast.

Endless Summer was reprinted in the Made In L.A. anthology.* April, 2018

Hang Twenty was reprinted in Fantasy For the Throne: Short Reads.*

Weapons of Mass Destruction was reprinted by Pole-To-Pole Publishing’s Re-Launch anthology.*

The White Wood was also reprinted by Pole-To-Pole in their Re-Enchant anthology.*

Slim And Benny-Be-Damned Take It On The Lam was reprinted by Weird Mask for their zombie issue. Chapbook.

The Color of Infinity was published by Every Day Fiction. Early 2018.


Not All Who Wander Are Lost in Perihelion SF, Sam Bellotto Jr, editor, February 2017.


A SUPERLATIVE FOR GOODBYE in James Gunn’s Ad Astra, editor Jean Asselin, Issue 5, August 2016.  (This is a flash.)

The reprint is: A 3% Chance He’ll Ever Know I Lied, in Allegory, editor Ty Drago.

QUANTUM ROSE in Perihelion, editor Sam Bellotto.

MIRACLES WROUGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES in The Colored Lens, editor Dawn Lloyd.


“Sparrow and g.d:Shrike,” Strange Constellations, May 2015

“Choice,” Tales of the Talisman, Spring 2015 (Volume 10 Issue 3)

“Orthogonal To The Astral Plane,” Trysts of Fate, February 2015

“Joyride,” Perihelion, Sam Bellotto, Editor, January 15, 2015


“Notes from Interstellar Voyage Aquaria 51 Found in Abandoned Machinery,” freeze frame fiction, Q2

“Morning Glories,” Perihelion, Sam Bellotto, Editor, January 2014


“Goat,” Morpheus Tales Issue #21 (June 29, 2013)

“Cannath’s Coins,”  Every Day Fiction, March 17, 2013

“A Three Percent Chance He’ll Ever Know I Lied,” Penumbra, February 1, 2013


“Orthogonal To The Astral Plane,” (reprint), Insatiable, The Magazine of Paranormal Desires (premiere issue.) Oct 21, 2012

“Far, Far From Land,” Menial: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction, Crossed Genres, 2012

“Sisters,” The Colored Lens Summer, 2012

“The White Wood,” Beyond Centauri, Issue #37, July 2012

“They Somehow Saved The World,” Toasted Cake, edited and read by Tina Connolly, June 24, 2012 (podcast)

“Hula Hoop,” reprint, Spec-Tacular: Fantasy Favorites from Raven Electrick Ink, edited by Karen Romanko, kindle only edition, April 24, 2012

“A Box Full of Boxes,” Every Day Fiction, February 22, 2012

“Shiver,” M-Brane SF #30, M-Brane Quarterly #4, edited by Christopher Fletcher, February 20, 2012


“Luigi’s Song,” For The Oceans anthology, edited by Shells Walter, Oct 2011

“Defying Gravity,” Jack-O-Spec, edited by Karen Romanko, Sept 2011

“The Last Day And Night of Bill Stevens, Superhero,” Powers: A Superhero Anthology, June 2011

“The Sweet Song of Canaries At Midnight,” (reprint), Southern Fried Weirdness Tornado Relief, edited by TJ McIntyre, May 2011

“Glorious Madness,” Fantastique Unfettered #2, edited by Brandon Bell, April 2011

“Another Nebulous Conversation on a Bus Trip To America,” Every Day Fiction, March 2011

“Sparrow and g.d:Shrike,” M-Brane #24, M-Brane Quarterly #2, Christopher Fletcher, January/February 2011


“Endless Summer,” Electric Spec, November 2010

“The California Pioneers,” Santa Ana Historical Society, performed October 2010

Ole Stoney,” 10Flash, edited by K.C. Ball, August 1, 2010

“Hula Hoop,” Retro Spec, edited by Karen Romanko, Sept 2010

“The Sweet Song Of Canaries At Midnight,” Dark Tales of Terror anthology, edited by Michael Knost, April 3, 2010


“Orthogonal To The Astral Plane,” Quantum Kiss, October 2009
“Hellbend For Leather,” Defenestration, September 2009
“Slim and Benny-Be-Damned Take It On The Lam,” 10Flash, August 2009
“Dancing On The Corpse of The World,” Ruins Metropolis, Hadley Rille Books, May 2008
“Weapons of Mass Destruction,” Desolate Places, Hadley Rille Books, December 2007
“Methodology,” Every Day Fiction, November 2007
“Hang Twenty,” Sporty Spec, edited by Karen Romanko, October 2007
“Wild Mountain Freesia,” Legends of the Mountain State, edited by Michael Knost, October 2007
What Happens Next,” Ideomancer September 2007
“Feeding The Crows,” Sam’s Dot Publishing, July 2007
“Derelict,” Visual Journeys, edited by Eric Reynolds, July 2007
“In The Season of Blue Storms*,” Abyss&Apex Issue 17, 1st Quarter 2006
“Til The Wildness Cried Aloud,” Say, Why Aren’t We Crying?, Spring 2005
“The Time Of Day,” Cypress College Magazine “Print,” 2001
Sold but never published:
“Confessional,” Buzzy Mag, (2015)
“Reyna Montes De Oca After The End of The World, In Three Parts,” Global Warming Aftermaths, Eric T. Reynolds, Editor, Hadley Rille Books (2008)
 “Superlative For Goodbye,” Grand Science Fiction (2012)… this will be published by James Gunn’s AD ASTRA, Issue 5, Spring 2016.

Flash stories with Quarter Reads:

Quarter Reads folded shop, I’m afraid.  I enjoyed that site while it was there!

(these are all reprints)

“The Sweet Song of Canaries At Midnight” 

“They Somehow Saved The World”


“Slim and Benny-Be-Damned Take It On The Lam”

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