Quantum Visions 4


released Thanksgiving 2015

qv4 cover w stripe full

Quantum Visions 4
A production of
Orange County Science Fiction Writers Orbit

Table of Contents

by Jude-Marie Green, editor

Scifaiku: Ark
by Wendy Van Camp

First Contact
by Jamie Cassidy-Curtis

If At First You Don’t Succeed
by Timothy Cassidy-Curtis

Scifaiku: Crush
by Wendy Van Camp

Death Guard
by Chrome Oxide

An Average Day in The Zombie Apocalypse
by David R. Moore

Scifaiku: Rust
by Wendy Van Camp

Proximity Crisis
by Robin Walton

The First Date
by Ralph Cox

Scifaiku: Harvest
by Wendy Van Camp

Winter Wheat
by Shauna Roberts

Scifaiku: Time Machine
by Wendy Van Camp

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