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I sold reprint rights to LUNA STATION QUARTERLY for my Clarion West story, FAR, FAR FROM LAND.  This ‘Deadliest-Catch-In-Space’ story was previously published in the print anthology MENIAL.  I look forward to having this story online and in a lovely venue like LSQ….  Going live on June 1, 2017.

Miracles Wrought Before Your Eyes

I cannot believe that I did not post about this story!

I sold MIRACLES WROUGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES to The Colored Lens (who previously published my story SISTERS.)  MIRACLES was published in the Winter issue on January 31, 2016.

This story came from my time living in a circus in San Diego.  You read that correctly, though calling the TechnoMania Circus a ‘circus’ is perhaps not utterly correct.  Based in a former and historical church building, this performance art group featured many of the acts I mention in the story and that title is from a quote painted on the walls.  Springer the dog is as true as I can manage in a work of fiction.

This story will be available to read for free on The Colored Lens’ website in May 2016.