2018 so far

I’ve sold 9 stories, lost my car and moved to another address, visited Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend and Las Vegas on my birthday, attended WorldCon in San Jose, joined a new writers’ group, mentored a budding novelist, and lost a dear friend, co-writer, mentor, and all-around swell person K.C. Ball.

I’m tired.

More is yet to come! November and Thanksgiving bring the annual Quantum Visions chapbook with stories by a talented and award-winning bunch of authors and artists.

My 7″ Kindle Fire, companion of 3 years and world-traveller with me, defensetrated recently. The replacement Kindle Fire is a 10″ screen and Alexa cuteness, and I purchased a bluetooth keyboard to go with it. I look forward to using yet another writing tool.

My grandson started kindergarten this year. After a rough start he is beginning to enjoy school. The teacher concentrates on story telling. I approve.

The Color of Infinity was published by Every Day Fiction.
Jasmine Spain was narrated, or rather sung, by Tina Connolly for her Toasted Cake podcast.
Endless Summer was reprinted in the Made In L.A. anthology.*
Hang Twenty was reprinted in Fantasy For the Throne: Short Reads.*
Weapons of Mass Destruction was reprinted by Pole-To-Pole Publishing’s Re-Launch anthology.*
The White Wood was also reprinted by Pole-To-Pole in their Re-Enchant anthology.*
Slim And Benny-Be-Damned Take It On The Lam was reprinted by Weird Mask for their zombie issue.
Brick will be published by Stupefying Stories in a Saturday Showcase position.
Notes Regarding The Calamity Jukebox at The Super! Hero! Ragtime Café will be published by Every Day Fiction.

*available on Amazon

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