Stats and News

Since I moved to San Diego, I haven’t been submitting (writing, or completing) many stories.  Too busy, too stressed, too dry.  I got back into the groove in June. 

In June, I sent out 15 stories.  In July, I sold 3. 

ORTHOGONAL TO THE ASTRAL PLANE will be appearing in Trysts of Fate.  This is a reprint.  The story was originally printed by Quantum Kiss, an online magazine that is sadly no longer extant.   It was then reprinted by Insatiable in their inaugural and only issue.  I’m pleased that this quirky paranormal romance will be available reading again!

CHOICE will be appearing in Tales of the Talisman.  This is a difficult story that mixes magic and space opera.  I think you’ll like it.

NOTES FROM INTERSTELLAR VOYAGE AQUARIA 51 FOUND IN ABANDONED MACHINERY will be published by Freeze Frame Flash Fiction.  This is a space-faring hopeless romance.

I’m not sure when any of these will be appearing but I will link to them when they do.

And as a bonus, so far in August I’ve sold one story!

SPARROW AND g.d:SHRIKE will appear in Strange Constellations.  This is a reprint, originally published in M-Brane #24.  This is a story about RFID technology and moral literalists.

For every 10 subs, I might sell 1 story.  But I’ll also have 9 rejections.  So I just keep sending them out.

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